Car #8 Ferrari  348 TS

I’ve had a few supercars over the years including a Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo/Murcielago, all of which are modern supercars full of electronics, sensors and paddle shift. I’ve never had a classic supercar before and the Ferrari 348TS was my first choice over everything else.

This is the last hand-built supercar under Enzo Ferrari and apart from ABS it has no electronics to help you drive. A stiff manual gearbox and 320BHP is all you have, there is no power steering, anti-dip, anti-squat, traction control or driving aids to speak of, this is a pure petrol heads car and you know when you have been out for a spin.

I’ve spaced out the rear wheels to give it that wider look and improve handling, the stock Ferrari exhaust and filter are gone and a full Nouvalari Stainless Steel sports system with K&N air filter is in its place. The car is loud! You need to hear it to appreciate it and looks amazing too!!

I’m really loving driving a classic, I know a lot of people are into the modern super cars, but a classic is a classic! This actual car featured in Auto Italia Magazine and with its stunning Ferrari Red exterior and cream leather it’s the perfect colour.

Just to finish things off it has the removable hard top to be snug and warm in the winter or open top in the summer.

I will go back to a modern supercar one day but this car is too much fun to change just yet!

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