Car #14 – Aston Martin DB9

Absolutely beautifully presented Aston Martin DB9, 6.0 litre V12 Designed by Ian Callum and Henrik Fisker as a 2+2 pure GT car with 50/50 weight distribution giving it impeccable handling.

Created using the most natural design principles known in nature, the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. They have been combined to create one of the best-looking vehicles ever produced. The DB9 is one of only two vehicles ever shown in an art gallery as pure art. The other being the Ferrari 250. It was also the only car to get taken off the Top Gear ‘cool wall’ and put in its own fridge, with Richard Hammond describing the interior as ‘One of the best known to man’. This car, Victoria (she has a name, my wife insisted) was born in Gaydon Warwickshire in May of 2006 and after a final inspection by Martyn Askill left with a coat of Oyster grey paint and sporting an iron ore, hand stitched, bridge of Weir leather interior.

Victoria went to live on the South Coast before being adopted in Reading. I was given the privilege of owning her 6 years ago and have cosseted her ever since. She now has 490 BHP and goes 183 mph, faster than any sane person would want. She has the most glorious V12 roar ever to grace the roads as she accelerates to 60mph in 4.5 seconds. I have previously used her for friends’ weddings and have taken both Bride and father, Groom and young son and also groom and best man in the car at the same time although with the latter they were fairly small lads.

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