Car #10 – Jaguar F-Type Type R

This is a Jaguar F Type, Type R is the P575 version. This means it has 4 wheel drive and 575hp! This equates to a 0-60 speed of 3.5 seconds and a top speed (limited) to 155mph!!

It is in the very rare Jaguar colour of Sanguinello Orange (deep metallic red/orange). It was a special order from Jaguar when new and very rare in that it was a £ 6k option when new forming part of their speciality paint finish range! It also has the option of the Carbon Ceramic discs which once again due to their cost was a rare option specified on these cars.

Also another unique feature is the car is actually a time machine as well…Seriously… Why? Well the car was commissioned by the Jaguar speciality high performance Division called ‘Jaguar Engineering’ (Like the Mercedes AMG Division) as a future show car for them. It was built and registered in 2019 by Jaguar, however ,this specific design of the F type was not release by Jaguar until 2021. So in essence when first on the road the car was totally unique. It is a beautiful car to drive (and be driven in). It is very comfortable and pleasant at normal speeds but is a pure bred animal underneath when pushed! Nothing sounds like a V8 5 litre Cat when pushed…it feels and sounds truly amazing.

I have owned many Ferraris in the past but this car surpasses them in virtually ever way. It is truly beautiful and I look forward to sharing it with you on your big day!